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Right now there are a whole bunch of people trying to create the next big adsense. People see the value in contextual advertising, and programs are popping up all over the place. I think most of them are missing the boat, and are setting themselves up for failure. Most of them get trendy, people realize [...]

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In the past 2 weeks I’ve had 3 different friends call me to ask me what I though of After all three told me they were making lots of money with it, I decided I had better look into it to at least warn them if they’re in danger of losing the money they’ve [...]

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Obviously contextual advertising is where the good advertising revenues are going to be over the next few months/years. Adsense has taken the internet by storm because the model is so efficient for everyone involved. However, the monopoly that google has on it is beginning to be a problem now (as evidenced by my previous posts [...]

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About 3 years ago I took an “Entrepreneurial Lecture Series” class at BYU. The class met once per week and had a different entrepreneurial speaker come each week and speak to us. After 3 years I only remember a few of the speakers, and remember less of what they spoke about. However, there was one [...]

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I’ve had about enough of google adsense. They’ve been a monopoly for long enough and are really starting to treat people poorly. Now, I know that it is still by far the absolute best contextual advertising program around. It has done wonders for the average joe being able to make money online. I mean, you [...]

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If you haven’t heard yet about the geek dinner that’s happening in Utah County tomorrow night you should probably check it out. Not only is Phil Windley speaking (he’s a great speaker), it’s going to be an awesome event to meet people.

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I was going through some of my notes from the Big Seminar two weekends ago. There was a lot of good information presented (and a lot of stuff that was fluff), and I just wanted to write about one thing that Joe Polish said. Joe presented his Stick Strategy Secrets – Offline Robotic Marketing Secrets [...]

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