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This is from my site. I’m archiving it. It’s from October 2003. John from spoke at Paul Allens e-business class at UVSC. He was amazing. He spoke about how to make money on the internet and about how very few people realize how cheap and easy it is to do. He gave us [...]

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I met with Phil Windley today about my blogging business, That guy knows his stuff. He talked with me about slashdot business models, human edited business models, and wikipedia business models. We talked about the advantages/disadvantages of starting a long term business vs just creating stuff that generates cash (which is what I currently [...]

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No, this isn’t the typical post about the trials and successes I have when working from home. A lot of people struggle when working from home. I’m not one of them. My wife is fabulous, she let’s me work, and I’m pretty self motivated…except when it’s a nice golfing day. This is about Oprah. Yeah, [...]

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I’ve never really known what to consider myself in terms of what I do with my money. I haven’t considered myself an “investor” because I have never bought a single stock in my life. I had never thought of people as “speculators” until I read The Intelligent Investor (which Warren Buffet says is the best [...]

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I had a friend of mine take me out to lunch today so I could help him come up with a database design for an idea he has for an online business. He had worked some of the way through the business plan already, and was ready to get the database up and running. He [...]

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I always find it funny when people who haven’t made money with adsense talk about how adsense isn’t that good. Talking about how adsense isn’t sustainable or about how eyeballs don’t equal money just because neither worked for you is ignorance. Talking about anything saying that it doesn’t work or that it isn’t possible, just [...]

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When most LDS missionaries come home from their missions their mission president sits them down and has a talk with them about returning home. I remember a few things from what my mission president spoke about but one of the things I remember most was a quote: “There’s always room at the top” He was [...]

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