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People always say “Life isn’t about what you know but who you know.” While I agree that if you just want to get a job and work for someone else, this is mostly true. Most employers will give someone a job based on a personal recommendation from someone. However, in the world of entrepreneurship (in [...]

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John Breese is one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever met. He’s down to earth, real, open, willing to work, extremely knowedgeable, and a wonderful presenter/speaker. Not to mention that he’s been tremendously successful with his businesses. Here are the notes I took (with my palm…so be forgiving) while he spoke today at the [...]

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It is amazing how robust the paypal payment system is. I just finished setting up the ability to accept payments for a business we’re trying to start and I couldn’t believe how easy it is to accept payments and also how deep into payment processing they allow you to get. I was able to set [...]

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88 has launched a new way for advertisers to get traffic to their website. It’s really interesting. They’re trying to solve the click fraud problem by allowing advertisers to pay per transaction. PPT could potentially change the way search engines handle all their revenue and eventually turn them into super-affiliates where all the clicks become [...]

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Last night I was listening to a radio program about nanotechnology that was fascinating. I don’t know very much about it other than it’s a science of manipulating atoms and molecules on a very small level. What was so fascinating about it were the technologies the guy described that were being created with the technology. [...]

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Dealing with a bank in real estate can be rather humorous. It can also be rather frustrating. For about the past year I have been trying to been trying to buy a house that is bank owned. They have had lots of problems with it including title issues, legal description issues, and now zoning issues. [...]

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I know a lot of people figured this out a long time ago and I’m just slow but writing an article and submitting it to article sites is great. I’ve been writing articles and submitting them to I get to put it into a specific category and get to put 2 links in the [...]

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