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I’ve spent the last few days researching php software to handle newsletter mailing lists. After a lot of research, I found a really good one at It’s called phplist. It has soooooo many features. Stuff like automatically have it send out an email to a list every week/day/month, have it auto populate the content [...]


We made our first sale on yesterday. It’s especially exciting considering that we haven’t even switched the main page for PLA from the sourceforge site to the site. When we do, we’re hoping to make 2-3 sales/day.

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Since I’ve been learning so much recently from the Traffic Equalizer community, I’ve realized that they’ll pay for good software. Actually…they have no hesitations about paying for software that will make them more money…or will help something they already have make money. Well, I have built some software that goes with TE that helps TE [...]

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This only started with Google. They’re the only reason it’s even possible. You get a high pagerank if people link to you. So people offer you a free counter you can put on your website. The counter links back to them, they get a link, you get a free counter, everyone’s happy. Especially since the [...]

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