I just put up a new website about air purifiers. No, I’m not interested in them, nor am I selling air purifiers. However, the keyword air purifier is a very expensive one ($6.00 per click) that people are paying a lot of money for. Sooooo, if I can get some traffic to my site, and [...]

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Recently I’ve been learning a lot about affiliate programs…including how I can use them to save myself money when buying stuff online. I’m about to buy web hosting through, so I’m joining their affiliate program, then I’m going to sign up, Basically, the signup is going to cost me $60 but the commission is [...]

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This morning I read Alma 46 (I think), the chapter in the Book of Mormon where Amalekiah comes to power with the Lamanites. I’ve been studying the war chapters recently because of their similarity to real life right now. The parallels in this chapter were striking. Now, I’m not saying that John Kerry is an [...]

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There’s a family at church who’s husband is in Iraq fighting in the army. I set up Gallery for them on my server so they can share pictures with each other. She just had a baby so the army gave him two weeks leave. He was in church today. It was interesting as I talked [...]

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It amazes me how much people believe what they hear in the media. Right now the polls show kerry leading Bush by some amount. I think it’s pretty close actually. However, I don’t understand how this is the case with what the media says. People don’t understand this (well, intelligent people do, but most people [...]

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Recently on talk radio the only topic that’s covered is politics. It’s understandable, it’s an important issue. Here in Utah, we only get conservative people like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and some other lunatics. I wish we could get some liberal talk radio, so that sometimes I could hear both sides of the [...]

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This morning we went to the Provo Freedom Festival Parade. It was really cool. There is all kinds of stuff that goes on here around the 4th of July. This morning before the parade there were tons of hot air balloons that went up. I guess they do it every year before the parade at [...]

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