After being to the hospital each of the last 2 days with Kim, the doctor called today and said that her protein level was too high and that she needed to go to the hospital today to deliver the baby. She’s still 5 weeks early, but hopefully all will be ok. Here’s pictures right after [...]

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Last night I went to a Utah Grizzleys hockey game. They’re the NHL affilliate team for the Dallas Start I think, so it’s almost pro hockey which I was really excited about since the NHL isn’t having a season this year. Boy, was I disappointed. They STINK!!! Seriously, the Grizzleys are terrible. It’s not that [...]

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Dealing with a bank in real estate can be rather humorous. It can also be rather frustrating. For about the past year I have been trying to been trying to buy a house that is bank owned. They have had lots of problems with it including title issues, legal description issues, and now zoning issues. [...]

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Even if you’re never going to use this again, this application is soooooooooooooooo cool that it’s worth going and looking at and playing around with just to see what they’ve done. I mean, these guys are sooooooo good at what they do it’s ridiculous.

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Yahoo! News – PluggedIn: ‘Google Hacking’ Digs Up Sensitive Material At a recent hackers’ conference in Washington, Long demonstrated the eye-opening results of dozens of well-crafted Google searches. Using Google, identity thieves can easily find credit-card and bank-account numbers, tax returns, and other personal information buried in court documents, expense reports and school Web sites [...]

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Yahoo! News – Study Urges Corporate Caution Before Downloading Firefox Companies should think twice before jumping on the Firefox bandwagon, says a respected research group. LOL. Who respects the research group? Microsoft? The article doesn’t even say who the research group is.

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This guy talks about the search war between Google and Micro$oft and has an interesting way of determining who will win out in the end. He says that all the talk about the current war of search is all dribble because google has already won it. What will determine who wins in the future will [...]

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