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Here’s a podcast of this blog post Or you can listen to it here: (The audio is different than what I wrote below) If you’re using Google Adwords, you’ve probably already seen or heard about the change that’s coming on April 1, 2008: Important Change to URL Policy Enforcement Starting in April, display URLs for [...]

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About 5 months ago Keith Baxter gave me an audio course that he and Peter S. had done about how to use blogs to sell things. I was totally blown away. It wasn’t that it was totally new information. It was how they had put together a bunch of different concepts and used them in [...]

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This morning I had an interesting email conversation with a subscriber of mine who just got banned from Adwords for promoting software that makes MFA (made for adsense) sites. Yes, banned from Adwords, not adsense. Here’s what happened: He is a beginning affiliate. He just promotes other people’s stuff through adwords. Obviously not google’s favorite [...]

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Next Tuesday I’ll be releasing UnderCoverProfits, which is going to change the way a whole bunch of people do affiliate marketing. See…in the past, when promoting other people’s products, what most people have done is pick a program to promote, and then go test it on Adwords to see if they can make it profitable. [...]

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A few weeks ago I saw “The Secret” dvd, a movie put together by Rhonda Byrne with a bunch of successful people in it including Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and Joe Vitale. When I saw it, I immediatly identified with it because I have seen the “law of attraction” in my life over and over [...]

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Since Yahoo sent out the email telling everyone how they’re upgrading search marketing accounts, I thought I’d look into it. Holy cow do they have issues. First, I was looking at their API. They have all the documentation for their searchmarketing api online, but it doesn’t work. It’s not active for people. There’s a list [...]

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It is absolutely amazing the lies people will tell to sell something online. This is my critique of a sales letter about 19 copywriting secrets. The dude is teaching how to write better copy. In the first email he sends there is a blatant lie in it. No wonder “being honest in your copy” isn’t [...]

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