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It always amazes me when people throw a fit about someone else monetizing their site when it might interfere with a search engine. Sounds to me like search engines have a really good life right now with all kinds of webmasters trying to do their jobs for them. Web Guerilla complained about Jeremy Zawodney monetizing [...]

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We hit 300 bloggers sometime last week. We have 335 right now, and our alexa rank is climbing pretty quickly. Not bad for having only launched it less than 2 months ago. Especially considering that the site looks terrible, isn’t very clear for how to refer someone, and I haven’t really started marketing it yet. [...]

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I got back from the big seminar yesterday. It was really good. I took my camera but then kept leaving it in the car on accident. I really did mean to take a picture. I met tons of people there, all of whom I’m going to not mention, for fear that I’ll leave someone out [...]

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Well, tomorrow Dan and I are off to The Big Seminar in Los Angeles. It’s a “big seminar” for internet marketers. We’re going because some of our software is being sold at it. Should be an interesting experience. I already know that Scott Boulch, a friend of mine from Dallas will be there. I’ve never [...]

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This is the most crazy, wacko, insane marketing campaign I think I’ve ever seen. Ebay is going to take one of the most common words in the english language, and brand IT. From now on, whenever you use the word IT or hear IT or anything of the sort, you’ll think of ebay. Genious.

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I had a friend of mine take me out to lunch today so I could help him come up with a database design for an idea he has for an online business. He had worked some of the way through the business plan already, and was ready to get the database up and running. He [...]

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I consider myself a pretty good search engine marketer. I have a few sites that rank really highly on a few of the major search engines for some pretty competitive terms. I have been able to successfully monetize the traffic. I’ve successfully taught quite a few other people how to do what I do. However, [...]

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