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Marketing to local businesses, and helping them do their internet marketing, is what I would do if I had to start everything over. It’s easy. It’s profitable. It’s easy to understand from beginning to end. There’s almost no risk. It’s easy to get started. You don’t have to be technical. You don’t have to know [...]

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I got this video question from a reader: Here’s my answer: I recorded this video in the foothills a few minutes from my house. (I have the ipad in my hands to look at my notes) It’s beautiful here. Here is the gist of what I say in the video: Focus on understanding the business [...]


This webinar with Paul Ponna was better than I expected it to be. In in Paul describes exactly how he chooses clickbank products to promote (it’s really ingenious), when he promotes them, how he promotes them, and how he gets top rankings in Google for super long tail keywords that make him lots of money [...]

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Greg and I did a webinar about how he creates his sales funnels for selling digital products. I got super sick the day we were scheduled to do the webinar, so Greg did most of the talking. He does a great job of showing how upsells/downsells work and how the process should work.

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I know this is a bit off topic from my usual, but I’ve talked to so many people about this and nobody seems to have a good solution. Here are the steps I use to get PERFECT video AND AUDIO gotowebinar or gotomeeting recordings using Camtasia. Get Virtual Audio Cable. You have to use the [...]


Adam Short runs an amazing internet business. It’s simple: Research a market Build a website Get traffic Make Sales In this webinar he went through the whole process of how he has made money in over 300 different niches using his simple system.

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