Notice: I will update this post if the status changes. Most of my readers know that BestJobs.ph is currently the best place to find Filipino employees (I say “currently” because that will soon change when we release our own site to recruit specifically online workers…coming very soon). About 3 months ago the owners of BestJobs.ph [...]

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Following is an email I got from one of my GUYS detailing the promotion methods we use for different types of websites. You can use this for your GUYS. This is also very instructive for you in terms of what you should be doing for your websites. What my guys do is awesome. I added [...]

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So often I have people ask me questions that I don’t have answers to: “What kind of person do I hire first?” “How long does it take them to get up to speed?” “What do I have them do for me?” The other day I got an email from Lisa Schwartz that hinted towards her [...]

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During the years of running my online business I’ve come across a lot of different ways of doing online research. Lots of the info out there is pretty dumb. Dumb…meaning…it’s just not info that will help you know what’s good and what’s bad. Dumb…meaning…what they’re telling you XYZ means, just isn’t true. Dumb…meaning…”this does not [...]

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Yesterday I got a PDF document back from my GUYS: The Top 7 ROI Activities Your VA Can Do I asked them to write it. I’m going to add it as a bonus in ReplaceMyself.com. They would know the best ROI activities better than I would…they’re the ones who do the work and who check [...]

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Here’s what I’ve done for the past 24 hours: Checked my email Talked with my partner Dan Wrote a blog post Wrote 2 emails to be sent to my mailing lists Used jing to make an explanation video Played golf Chatted with a few of my GUYS in the Philippines Ate dinner, played with my [...]

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I have people ask me ALL THE TIME what my Guys do for me, and how effective it is to have them. I recently had a great example, that I hope will illustrate why YOU need to have GUYS in the Philippines. Keep in mind as you read this that my GUYS have been through [...]

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