Why everything you know about outsourcing is dead wrong!And how I redefined outsourcing to make myself $2253/hour. And why the way you’re currently doing outsourcing is preventing you from making $100,000++ online In the next 30 minutes I’m going to help you redefine outsourcing so you can replace yourself like I did. I will show [...]

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Obviously I’m in favor of outsourcing a lot of things to people who work exclusively for you. I outsource SEO, Writing, Article submitting, programming, small random tasks, manual tasks, web maintenance, reporting, adwords, … But, there are a lot of things that don’t require a full time person. They require someone else to do it [...]

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Everyone talks about oursourcing overseas. Here’s my take on what, when, why, where, and how to do it (for a small business): What: Oursource your programming, your SEO, your Adwords, your repetitive tasks, your email, link building for your site, article writing, content creation, script writing (small automation), graphics, shopping, domain renewals, research, gift buying, [...]

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I decided that it would be helpful if I wrote some stuff about outsourcing. It’s a question I get asked often enough so I’ve decided to write a series about it. First things first: I’m not an expert on outsourcing. I have done quite a bit of it, and I’m learning more, but I’m not [...]

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