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I’ve made tons of materials about how to live a 4, or 17 hour week. I have e-books, videos, presentations, blog posts and webinars on the what’s and how’s of the business. But let’s face it, in the internet, it’s easy to get lazy, or get lost. Recently, I found a way to fix that [...]


Trying to outsource without knowing how to recruit Filipino employees is like sending your bank account information to that guy in Nigeria who emailed you yesterday to tell you you’ve inherited your distant cousin’s estate. It’s a bad idea. Watching this video so you can learn the right way to recruit Filipino employees… That’s a [...]


The Philippines has a LOT of “Regular” holidays (“regular” is the word they use for “You have to give us the day off”) Here’s a color coded list with my experience of days you must give them off, days you should give them off, and days you might give them off, if you’re really nice. [...]

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My team created this trailer video:   They’re pretty amazing. You can get really great video work done. We found this guy at Our PR Process At their suggestion, when we get something which is PR worthy our process is: write a press release about the event (interview, story, blog post, news, …) create [...]


At ReplaceMyself, where we teach people to outsource to the Philippines, we just released 2 new trainings: Digital Publishing Training – Teaches your Filipino VA how to publish books to Kindle, Nook, and iBooks Content Curation – Teaches your Filipino VA how and why to curate content onto blogs to generate traffic. Both modules are [...]


Every year there are numerous typhoons in the Philippines.  It’s always sad. Recently there have been numerous typhoons back to back. It’s a good time to check on your GUYS and make sure they’re ok. Here’s an email I had forwarded to me today. It originated in the Philippines. If you don’t have Filipino’s working [...]

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I know this post is going to cause controversy…but… This is a common problem: First let me say I struggle with this too! Second: This post is not intended at any of my current employees…even though some are currently struggling with this. Third:  Often the problem is with me. I haven’t given clear instructions. I [...]

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