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One of my GUYS sent this to me because it was funny.     I love that: 1. it’s from the Philippines 2. it’s from 1 billion people   Funny.


This Thursday begins Holy Week in the Philippines. For detailed info, see the wikipedia article on holy week in the Philippines. For you, it means time off for your VA’s. They’ll take at least Thursday and Friday off (plus the weekend). They might want to take Wednesday off. Let them know it’s ok for them [...]

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Part of changing your mindset is giving other people tasks that you would normally have done yourself. It’s also about using your resources efficiently.  If you can buy an ebook about something for $50, and have that teach your guys how to do it, why wouldn’t you do that instead of spending 3-4 hours creating [...]


Over the past few months I’ve begun to realize that doing outsourcing correctly requires a change in mindset.   See…most people are so used to busting their own butt to get stuff done, that giving their work to other people is very foreign to them. It’s almost unnatural. I know often people think “If I do it [...]


Recently Facebook implemented it’s new Timeline feature for fan pages, converting all fan pages to the new format as of March 30, 2012. This change has important implications for internet marketers: – Reduces the effectiveness of using a Like Gate to get more fans – You’re no longer allowed to specify a default “landing tab” [...]


This post is part of a series on outsourcing from a Filipino perspective. Filipinos are a really happy bunch of people and nobody personifies that more than “Little John”. No, I didn’t give him that nickname. He made that up himself. I didn’t even know the team called him “Little John” until he wrote this [...]


This post is part of a series on outsourcing from a Filipino perspective. J has worked for me for about 3 months. She has created an SEO and content plan for ReplaceMyself,, and my blog. She has also written lots of content for all 3 sites. When you read content she wrote, you’ll never [...]

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