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IT WORKED!!! Yesterday I made my ebay site refresh onto itself but onto a different page once every 5-15 seconds for about 6 hours. Google hit my site around 2000 times! Even better, this morning Google has 300 more of my pages in their index! Last night at about 11:30 they had 346 (for buy-discount-cheap-online) [...]

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70, an amazon website, gives stats on where websites rank for traffic. They also provide some tools for webmasters like they have an xml datafeed that you can get which gves you site statistics for all kinds of stuff. They also have a tool where they’ll index your site and provide you a report with [...]

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Everyone I’ve ever talked to about google’s indexing says that google visits their homepage every couple of days during the month and then of course also does the big index once a month. This has also been my experience with my other stes. All except for For some reason, google doesn’t visit me every [...]

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I was having problems getting Google to index many of my pages for because they’ll only follow so many links deep into a site. Well, my site goes tooooooooons of links deep with no real way of getting to those pages other than through it’s parents. In trying to solve this problem I created [...]

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This morning I found out that ebay has banned my site from getting any more credit for referring people to them because it uses the word ebay in it’s name. Man! What’s worse is that last night Google just increased it’s index of my site from 100 to 500! What this means is that [...]

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One of the real powers of the internet is that you can track everything. You can track exactly where a user clicks, where they came from, what they searched for, how they found you. It’s important stuff! If you’re going to run a successful website, you’ve got to have some tool for doing statistical analysis [...]

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Paul Allen says that content is king on the internet. Or, he who has the most content is the king of the search engines. It’s really true and here’s another example to demonstrate. Recently I’ve been doing this experiment/business (really business/experiment) with ebay. I built a system that pulls ebay auctions and lists them on [...]

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