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I was out to lunch the other day with Jordy the other day and he asked me what I read about SEO that he could read too. I told him that I normally don’t read anything, because there’s so much garbage out there that it’s a giant waste of time. I still think reading most [...]

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I’ve learned over the past few years that the sum of the parts is much greater than the whole in SEO. What I mean is that being #1 for all the related search terms is usually better than being #1 for the main keyword. Take utah real estate for example. You get much better traffic [...]

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This was in my referer logs today: You can’t connect to it of course, because its an internal yahoo page. It looks like yahoo actually cares what other people think (unlike the other giant corporate search engine leader), and they’re keeping up on it. Maybe now they’ll actually do something about it. Here’s to [...]

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I’ll admit, I’ve only slightly used adwords. All of my adwords campaigns are run and managed by someone else who has gotten pretty good at it. However, someone else I know who is running multiple adwords campaigns emailed me yesterday with the following: Google is messing with me again. Only one week after they finally [...]

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For the past few months I’ve been getting a phone call from YPN about once a month because they’re looking for feedback. They want to know what’s going on with YPN from the publishers point of view (which is a whole heck of a lot more than I can say for adsense). Every time they [...]

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Number of pages indexed (as of this writing it’s 13,200). It even got a pr3. Funny how far behind they have been with this. I mean, the number of incoming links according to MSN right now is over 12,000. That’s been a pretty steady growth over the past 4 months. Nothing un-natural done. I didn’t [...]

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lol. This is unbelievable. If you’ve had your adsense account banned, it looks like there might be a glimmer of hope for you…but you have to be persistent. In the past 2 weeks I know of 2 adsense accounts that have been re-instated. However, I had to appeal for both of those people. One of [...]

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