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It’s been known for a long time that Overture would change to be Today it finally happened and I think ot’s a great thing and I can’t wait until they expand their product offerings. Google has offered such a good service with adsense but I can’t wait until there is some competition so that [...]

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I thought this was interesting, and thought I’d post it. I’ve always heard that if you look at the search numbers on overture, you can find out the actual number of searches done each month (including google) by tripleing it. So, if overture says that ‘utah real estate’ is searched 13,000 times each month, really [...]

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88 has launched a new way for advertisers to get traffic to their website. It’s really interesting. They’re trying to solve the click fraud problem by allowing advertisers to pay per transaction. PPT could potentially change the way search engines handle all their revenue and eventually turn them into super-affiliates where all the clicks become [...]

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This morning I had dropped my car off to get a tune up and was waiting for someone to come pick me up. They were a little late so I whipped out my Sony UX-50 to see what the weather was going to be like the next few days (I want to golf tomorrow…although I’m [...]

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I believe Yahoo is finally going to come up with their own version of Google’s Adsense. It’s about time!!! I think this will be sooo good for publishers like me. It will force Google and other companies who serve ads to pay their publishers more to compete for ad space on publishers pages. If [...]

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Wanna see something funny??? Look at the ads that are being served up on this page. Right now they’re about msn search. Yep, that’s right…microsoft is advertising on Google to get traffic to their search engine. That’s pretty funny. Of course, when you read this, the ads may be different. However, I saw them, it’s [...]

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I know a lot of people figured this out a long time ago and I’m just slow but writing an article and submitting it to article sites is great. I’ve been writing articles and submitting them to I get to put it into a specific category and get to put 2 links in the [...]

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