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A couple of days ago I posted about the search war between google and microsoft. I’m posting again because of the amount of traffic I’m getting from msn search. Go ahead…have a look: Search for car insurance on msn Yeah…that’s right, my site is the #4 natural search results ( I’m gonna go out on [...]

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Having worked on DSG so much over the past 2 months and having talked with some really experienced internet marketers has really opened my eyes to a lot of stuff about internet marketing. One specific thing is the up and coming influence of RSS. We’ve done some really cool things with RSS that are causing [...]

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Doesn’t it NOT make sense to you to put up a brand new website and get tons of links to it from all over the place right away. I mean, let’s think about this logically. Google knows what’s out there on the web. They know about every site that’s been linked to from anywhere. They [...]

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I don’t know if you see it when you browse the internet, but because of the industry I’m in, I visit sites all the time that have links on them that say something to the effect of “Top 10 placement in Google…Guaranteed”. I’m sure these companies that are guaranteeing a top 10 placement in google [...]

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Now, I don’t want to speak too soon but….it looks to me like yahoo is becoming nazi like google about ranking websites. Not that it’s a bad thing in general, but it’s not great for me. We know that if you put up a site, and do a bunch of work to get that site [...]

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This week I did some research on the digital point ad network. It’s pretty interesting. You put a place on your site for the system to put ads and the system will put your links on other peoples sites. It’s really ingenious as an automated solution to linking. You get a certain weight based on [...]

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These google guys are soooooooo cool. Here’s another blog post that describes a little more about the google culture. They apparently have a program that Google allows their employees to devote 20% of their working hours to any project they choose . This is Tim Sanders ‘Love is the killer app’ theory in action. Google, [...]

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