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We all knew that google was and is a different company. They don’t try to seperate business from life. They’re people…not a corporate buracracy. Here’s a google post in which one of the bloggers from google responds humourously to a humourous email that google got about the doodles on their homepage. What’s really cool [...]

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Since I’ve been learning so much recently from the Traffic Equalizer community, I’ve realized that they’ll pay for good software. Actually…they have no hesitations about paying for software that will make them more money…or will help something they already have make money. Well, I have built some software that goes with TE that helps TE [...]

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Man,,,this is sooo exciting for me. Yesterday a program that I’ve been using called Traffic Equalizer to create keyword rich content pages, was giving me fits. I emailed the dude who wrote the program and he gave me access to the private members forum. It’s amazing what these people have come up with. Here’s one [...]

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This only started with Google. They’re the only reason it’s even possible. You get a high pagerank if people link to you. So people offer you a free counter you can put on your website. The counter links back to them, they get a link, you get a free counter, everyone’s happy. Especially since the [...]

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Yahoo had an article yesterday about how yahoo’s search is catching up to google’s search. It said that in the most recent published data, both yahoo and google had about 40% of all internet searches leaving the remaining 20% to the rest of the losers out there (including m$n). The article was from PC World, [...]

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There’s this book out called Google Hacks (I think, I didn’t actually read it, Neal did) that talks about how to get in good with google. It’s been around for quite a while and a lot of people have already read it. I however, just implemented the things it says in it. Here’s the results: [...]

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About 4 days ago I deleted about 20,000 pages of duplicate content off my ebay site. I don’t know how many of them google had indexed, but I can tell you that they sure hated them!!! Since the number of indexed pages had gone from 1500 to about 10,000, my traffic had gone from 150/day [...]

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