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Here’s a toolbar that emulates the google toolbar for ie, but it’s done for firefox! Now linux users can get pagerank values without having to use ie! He claims that it will work on firefox and on mozilla. I’m using firebird and it’s working with it. Soooooo cool.

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Here’s a pretty good, simple article that explains pagerank. It also has a chart that shows how many links you need from certain pages of certain pr’s in order for your page to have a certain pr. It’s pretty good. It doesn’t explain however, how PR affects your search engine ranking. I’m not totally [...]

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Yesterday google launched another way of making money from a webpage. They call it Google Search or something like that. I noticed it while I was looking at reports for adsense then later they sent out an announcement email. What it is is you put some code on your site that generates a google search [...]

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Last week I ran adsense quite a bit and had google index quite a few of my pages. Well, yesterday I had about 990 pages indexed. Today google has about 1900 of them indexed. I’m pretty sure that comes from the stuff I did last week when my page refreshed on itself. There hasn’t been [...]

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It seems odd, but blogging is a good way of getting traffic to your website. If you are an expert in your field, and write entries that are useful and interesting and unique, people will find your blog. The more content you have the more content google will index and the more likely people will [...]

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Well, Google continues to index pages of mine as I click on ones that have adsense. Yesterday I made the site click on itself 400 times and today they indexed 250 more of my pages. Soooooo cool.

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Ok, so this is cool. I’ve been wondering why google hits my site numerous times every day. Then I had an idea that maybe google indexes pages that have adsense on them. I mean, it makes sense for them to to it right? If a page has adsense on it, then google needs to know [...]

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