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I heard about this about a month ago but wasn’t sure when they would release it. Last night I got an email from Amazon announcing the beta release of EC2. Similar to S3, which allows scalable data storage on demand, EC2 allows scalable computing power on demand. As a web service! It basically allows you [...]

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To add some of my favorites to Blake Snows list of free (I’m adding some almost free) services online: Google products: Gmail, spreadsheets, calendar, maps for mobile devices Amazon S3 – Super cheap online storage. Free Tracks Hosting – online todo list the way todo lists should be. There’s also backpackit and rtm. Both very [...]

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Ok, today I’m going to admit it. I AM AN IDIOT. 2 days ago I got some software that I thought was questionable. I’m not going to say what it was other than that I wasn’t sure if I should run it because I thought it might install spyware on my computer. I was right. [...]

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I often want hosting where someone else is managing the server. I get tired of managing servers. For this extra hosting, I’ve been using Bluehost for a long time. They were the closest thing I could find to a perfect hosting account. The only problem I had with them is that they only allow 5 [...]

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I can’t handle it anymore. I love my iTrip, it’s great. My liking of my ipod stops there. Today was the last straw. My brother-in-law was in town until this morning from Colorado. I had some educational mp3′s that some marketers had given away for free that he wanted to listen to. So, I bought [...]

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It’s NHL Playoff season. It’s also NBA Playoff season. It was American Idol season. I like to watch all 3 (I prefer the NHL over the NBA, I know, I know…you hate hockey) but it would be almost impossible without my dvr. But that’s not what my post is about. This post is about how [...]

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This is unbelievable. This guy has developed a way to use water as fuel for just about anything. He has a blow-torch that is amazingly hot. He has a car that runs on water! Imagine that…a water powered car. Combine this with some solar power with nanotechnology and the energy possibilities are endless. Watch this [...]

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