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I blogged a while back about moving desktop apps to the internet and said that I was using trumba as my online calendar app. Trumba is a REALLY good application. I have nothing but good things to say about it. However, yesterday google released their long awaited online calendar application. It’s really nice. Lots of [...]

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If you haven’t heard of Mozy yet, I feel sorry for you. If you’re not using Mozy yet, I feel even worse. If you’re not going to go sign up for free at Mozy right now, I just think you’re basically an idiot. Either that, or you’ve never had a computer crash on you. Mozy [...]

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I use a BlackBerry 7105t. I love it. Recently it started getting scratches on the screen so I ordered a screen protector from When I got it I tried to install it (following their directions) and got really close to installing it correctly. When I looked at it there were a bunch of bumps [...]

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I thought this was interesting. I haven’t seen any stats on how well firefox is doing recently until I looked at the browser stats for Writingup is a fairly normal website. It’s not technical, so I don’t think it would have a heavy slant either way. I know there are people using dial up [...]

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It was only a matter of time before someone figured out that data mining was only going to get them so far Not that data mining isn’t profitable, by all means, it is! But, adsense is more profitable in the short term. Jensense writes about a new virus that installs itself on your computer and [...]

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I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Phil Windley points out an online spreadsheet application. It’s hosted, it’s free, and it works. They have a “post this to my blog” link too, so you can post your spreadsheet to your blog: I believe you have to be the owner of the spreadsheet to edit it [...]

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Having had a good thanksgiving and heard some good christmas music over the weekend I decided to go back and revisit the music on my ipod to see if I could get a playlist of christmas music. I was quickly reminded about how much I hate the itunes software. Who in the world thought up [...]

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