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Google is now starting to push Urchin which they bought a while ago. What does this mean to you and I? It means that google pretty soon will know everything about every website online. Imagine how good of search results they’ll be able to provide when they know exactly how long someone stays on your [...]

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This is really cool. I’ve tried to do this for years, but never successfully. has done it. The problem with most peoples data backup strategies are: 1. There isn’t a backup strategy Or 2. The backup strategy isn’t complete. Meaning, there are lots of ways in which the backup can completely fail. Obviously number [...]

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It’s been about a month since I wrote about moving the desktop to the internet, during which time I have done a significant amount of it. Some results: Gmail is amazing. It has simplified my email situation immensly. When I get tired of seeing an email in my inbox I just star it and archive [...]

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I love Drupal. It’s fabulous software. It’s the only cms (content management software) I’ve ever used that actually functioned how I wanted it to function. All of the features for it and all the add-ins for it behave exactly as you would expect, which is a LOT more than you can say for most other [...]

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I met with Phil Windley today about my blogging business, That guy knows his stuff. He talked with me about slashdot business models, human edited business models, and wikipedia business models. We talked about the advantages/disadvantages of starting a long term business vs just creating stuff that generates cash (which is what I currently [...]

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Jeremy Zawodney writes about how a bigger monitor increases productivity. He certainly is right. However, what about having 2 monitors. Or, what about 2 bigger monitors. Yes, it improves productivity. There are a few reasons for this. You can keep track of more things at once You can look at more things at once when [...]

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I’ve been thinking for a while now about moving everything I can off my desktop and onto web applications. My recent computer crash made me glad I had most of my stuff backed up on remote computers already, but what if I could have had EVERYTHING backed up somewhere? How little would my crash have [...]

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