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That is…if you have everything backed up. Otherwise, while life probably wouldn’t end with a computer crash, it can certainly be pretty devastating. My recent computer crash wasn’t that devastating simply because I had almost everything backed up. I had all of my important projects, pictures, documents stored on another server somewhere else. Basically the [...]

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Well, over the weekend we went to Las Vegas for my sisters wedding. It was a really great trip and the wedding was wonderful. However, over the weekend the power supply on my linux computer failed which caused the hard drive to fail. So, yeah, that pretty much just stinks. I haven’t been able to [...]

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United gets OK for in-flight wireless access – Computerworld United Air Lines Inc. yesterday said it has received government approval to install equipment on planes that eventually will give passengers wireless Internet access during flights. What a difference this will make on peoples lives. I’ve hated it for years how the second I got on [...]

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This is such a frustrating subject for me because they JUST DON’T EXIST!!! My ux50 came with NetFront 3.0 which has been great most of the time. However, tonight I wanted to figure out a good way to read rss feeds on my palm. I came across which is awesome. They aggregate all your [...]

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I had my first contact from today. I was actually somewhat surprised. I got a call today from someone in my area looking for an entrepeneurish programmer. We talked for about half an hour and went over some of his ideas. He has some good ideas and we’re going to get together next week. [...]

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John Breese is one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever met. He’s down to earth, real, open, willing to work, extremely knowedgeable, and a wonderful presenter/speaker. Not to mention that he’s been tremendously successful with his businesses. Here are the notes I took (with my palm…so be forgiving) while he spoke today at the [...]

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This site Free TiVo: Build a Better DVR out of an Old PC describes how one guy turned an old pc into a dvr that does a lot of stuff for him including recording tv playing back recordings stores all his files (mp3, movies, tv shows) streams stuff over the internet acts as a [...]

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