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It is amazing how robust the paypal payment system is. I just finished setting up the ability to accept payments for a business we’re trying to start and I couldn’t believe how easy it is to accept payments and also how deep into payment processing they allow you to get. I was able to set [...]

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This article from yahoo talks about how this past quarter PDA Sales Have Increased Sharply. The real interesting thing about it is that RIM accounted for 21 percent of worldwide PDA shipments during the first quarter while second-place PalmOne accounted for 18 percent. Palm is being outdone because they haven’t kept up with what users [...]

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I just noticed on CJ that a few days ago Skype created an affiliate program. They’ve already had over 100 million downloads and tons of people I know are using it already. They’re really making inroads in the telephony industry. With skype you can already make free computer to computer calls (SUPER good quality calls), [...]

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Ever wanted to have online access anywhere you go? I currently do with my pda/phone, but the connection is so slow that it’s often discouraging. I simply don’t want to do certain things online with it because it’s so slow. This guy, however, has created a dream: EVDO StompBox Project So what’s a Stompbox, anyway? [...]

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I saw this watch on that is called sleeptracker. It claims that it’s job is to wake you up at the optimal time in the morning when you are most awake already. The effect is that you don’t feel tired when you wake up and you feel like you got a great sleep the [...]

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I’ve had a few people recently ask my about my pda (sony ux50). They wanted to know what functionality it had, what it wouldn’t do, and what I recommend. I tell them I absolutely love my ux50, it’s a great machine (It’s almost a mini laptop…there is very little missing from it). However, there are [...]

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Firefox has really been acting up recently and I wasn’t sure why, but I had an idea. provides some really good stats analysis for free for websites. I think they’re just about the best free stats you can get. The problem is that it’s 100% ad supported and the ads that get served on [...]

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