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The following is an email that John Barker (the original “Mr X.”) sent out last week.

I thought it was so full of good info and advice that I asked him if I could publish it.

In the email he gives you an example of a profitable affiliate site he has!

I’m reading the new edition of the

4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and

I want to share a few thoughts with


First, is the new edition worth buying

if you already own the first?

If you’re a big fan, sure. Why not.

I’d have to compare the books side by

side – and I haven’t read the complete

second edition so it’s hard to say

exactly what the new info adds.

Instead it’s a reminder of principles

that have influenced my work.

If you want to believe 4 hours per

week isn’t enough to make six-figures

or more, go ahead. I could tell you

otherwise but you probably wouldn’t

believe me otherwise.

Here are some quick notes you might

find useful.

DEAL – Define, Eliminate, Automate and

Liberate. That’s the outline of the


Define – what do you want? Almost

cliche we’ve heard it so much but when

you take the perspective that you work

as much as you do because you’ve been

too lazy to come with enough reasons to

NOT want to spend most of your time

working . . . well that’s a paradigm

changer for me. I could probably work

1/4 the hours I do and my income wouldn’t

change (it might even grow).

AND I could have a really kick-ass life,

all made possible by my Internet marketing


Eliminate – what if the goal is to reduce

and simplify your life instead of acquiring

more information, more responsibilities,

more crap?

People usually look at me like I’m crazy

when I tell that that after the initial shock

of losing everything in a house fire passed,

I felt the weight of the world off my

shoulders. Plus, the really cool thing is

that instead of living with a couch Tara

hated – but I was attached to because I paid

a ridiculous amount of money for it 15 years

ago – we got to go buy a new one we both liked.

Man, life is so much easier than we make it

when we’re just willing to let go and eliminate

the things which hold us back.

“The stuff you own ends up owning you.”

- Fight Club

Automate – The end goal of your online business

should be to automate it. Need an example?

Go see http://abundancecourse.net

It’s simple.

1. Find quality product with affiliate program.

2. Setup up site with 6 pages. Page one is

squeeze page, page 2-6 are information that

leads into a sales pitch (recognize the

similarity with how Nanoblogger was sold?)

3. Create autoresponder follow-up series that

highlights points from your 5-lessons.

4. To capitalize on competition, it’s great if

the affiliate program is 2-tiered (this means

even if you decided to try to copy and swipe my

campaign you can assume all the cost of running

ads and I’ll still make a 10% commission for

your efforts – thanks man!)

5. Setup Adwords campaign and drive traffic.

This particular site was created FIVE YEARS AGO.

Except for moving the site from a static HTML

site to WordPress 2 years ago for Google Slap

reasons, I have virtually not touched this

system otherwise.

December check = $2400 from one affiliate

program. Oh, and then there’s the list. :-)

Sure, I’ve left out plenty of key details here

but this isn’t rocket science.

Plus I have ZERO customer support and all that

other good stuff that comes with being an


Finally, Liberate – This is all about creating

the conditions in your life that mean you’re not

tied down.

The crazy thing is discipline means freedom.

You must have systems and you must have standard

operating procedures so you can hire someone

else to do it all for you.

I’m getting better and better at this.

Final Thoughts -

The place to start here is defining the life you


Me? This year I want to get into better shape

than I’ve been in since I was 20. I don’t want

to sit on my ass all-day anymore.

I also want to have the freedom to spend more

time at home with my family. I want to be a part

of educating my kids and enjoying them fully

while their still little.

And I want them to have adventures they’re going

to remember for the rest of their life.

Next -

Evaluate what makes you money NOW. Not dreaming,

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