Problems with Outsourcing and How to Deal With Them – Part 1 – A Filipino Guest Post

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This post is part of a series on outsourcing from a Filipino perspective.

R. [name omitted] has worked for me for about 6 years.

He’ll tell you that when I hired him HE KNEW NOTHING!

R. Vacationing in Bohol, Philippines

Of course…I knew nothing about hiring Filipinos at the time either!

The biggest thing I’ve learned from R. is that consistency in a worker is REALLY important.

  • He’s not the smartest guy ever.
  • His english isn’t the best ever.
  • He’s not a designer (although he’s taken it on himself to learn)
  • He’s not a programmer (although…he did learn some PHP so he could be a better employee)

He’s consistent. He’ll try anything. Fail or succeed, he’ll try it.

He always replies to my emails.

He always sends me daily reports.

He always shows up to work (ok…not ALWAYS…but pretty close).

I love him for what he’s taught me (not to mention what he’s done for my business).

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