Web Tools To Help Run Your Online Business

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There are a lot of online tools I use in running my business. Tools which at one point I didn’t know existed, and when I found out about them, I said


I attempted to create this list somewhat here, but it was just too much content creation for me (I just don’t like creating ongoing content…that’s why I only blog once a month!).

So, here’s a big laundry list of tools I use to run my business, and just in general good internet websites to know about.

This is a list that comes from my experience in doing online business, as well as the knowledge of my mastermind group.

If you have great sites to add, please add them in the comments. Maybe I’ll add them to my main list if I start using them.


  • Crazyegg.com – heatmap click tracking
  • Woopra – website analytics
  • Statcounter – Not the most detailed analytics, but gives very important trend/keyword data easily. Great for affiliate websites.
  • Google Website Optimizer – free split testing and multi-variate testing
  • ClickTale – web analytics that takes a video of your users mouse/actions
  • ClickDensity.com – similar to crazyegg.com…
  • Site Yogi Free consolidated website statistics


  • Audacity – free audio editing
  • Jing – free screen capture/sharing tool
  • JW Player – best free flash player (the best flash player…period)
  • Super – free video conversion tool (the best free video converter – converts from anything to anything) Download
  • VSO Image Resizer – right click to resize/save images to a different format
  • OnlineVideoToolkit – How to do video with a Flip camera
  • LiveFaceOnWeb.com – Pay to have an actor create a video and “appear” on your site
  • TubeMogul.com Free Video Distribution service (free alternative to traffic geyser)
  • iStockPhoto free stock photos
  • sxc.hu free stock photos
  • Amazon S3 I use them for streaming video and for reliable image/file/video hosting.
  • Pixlr Image Editing – Free alternative to photoshop. Amazing online image editing…free.


Screen Sharing/Collaboration

Phone Calling/Recording

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