Why Hostmonster Is The Best Hosting Company

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I get asked all the time “What webhost should I use?”

I always respond: Hostmonster

Here’s why:

I’ve used most of the hosts out there:

(I know, it’s a lot…I do a lot of crap online. I used them all before Hostmonster existed.)

I also own 30 servers which I have in a data center that I manage them myself.

Outside of those 30 servers I still want a hosting account that I don’t have to worry about. One that I’m not responsible to keep it running and it just works.

I know web hosting pretty darn well.

Most of the marketing you’ll see out there to try and get you to buy a hosting account is pure garbage because they’re selling you something you’ll never use. I mean, come on, you’re going to use 600 GB of disk space on a hosting account? That’s more disk space than 99% of people have on their desktop. 6000 GB bandwidth? Do you realize what you’d have to do to use 6000 GB of bandwidth? That’s the kind of bandwidth Google uses!

The features companies are selling you on, aren’t the features you care about.

Features You really want in a hosting account

Here are the things that really matter when you buy web hosting:

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