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Here’s a great introduction to me: John Jonas

My name is John Jonas and I do Internet Marketing.

Somehow a few years ago I figured out how to make money online and that’s mostly how people know me.

More recently people know me as the guy to go to for how to replace themselves and live the 17-hour work week (yeah, similar to the 4-hour work week…but I’ve been there, and it gets boring after some time. 17 hours per week is much more realistic to me).

I’m all about working as little as I need to, spending time with my family, golfing, and helping others live the lifestyle I live.
I’m all about building a business that bothers me the least (page 184 in 4hww)

I’m a big GTD proponent and have implemented much of what he talks about in my life.

You can see some of my best posts:

I read a lot. You can see some of the books that have changed my life over –>

I have a family and kids (I don’t say how many, because that could change at any time), but you can see one of them on the homepage (although, the picture is a few years old now).

I live in Utah and yes, I am mormon (Here’s more about being a mormon).

I love working online and love helping others figure out ways of freeing themselves financially so they’re not dependent on someone else for a paycheck (eventually everyone is depentent on someone else for a paycheck…but you get what I mean).

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