The Law of Chastity


law of chastity is one of the important laws that were taught by the
Joseph Smith and that are now part of the basic
tenets of Mormonism.

Our Father in Heaven
and the Lord
Jesus Christ
have given us the sacred power to generate children. However, they have
also established laws that govern the use of this power. The purpose
of having children is to provide physical bodies to the spirit children
of God. In Mormonism the physical body is considered one of the greatest
gifts that God has given us, since our Father in Heaven has a perfect
body of flesh and bones, and He wants His children to become more like

does the
stress the
importance of staying morally clean? Because God wants us to be happy!
One of His laws is, the law of chastity, which means that no one should
have sexual relations before marriage and that after marriage husbands
and wives should have sexual relations only with each other.

in the world would say that it is too hard to live this commandment
and that the Mormons are old-fashioned. No matter what is said, it is
still a commandment and comes from God. Numerous scriptures are found
in the Bible and in the Mormon
Book of Mormon regarding this subject and the importance
of people following it.

who obey the law of chastity avoid having children with someone who
isn’t their husband or wife. They avoid getting sexually transmitted
diseases and infections and passing them to their children. They build
a relationship of trust, loyalty, and commitment that are essential
to a successful marriage and family life. They keep their reputations
clear and undamaged. Most importantly, they strengthen their relationship
with God, [and] show him their love…"

most exhilarating experiences are the ones achieved and conquered! Not
only does God know that it is possible to be chaste, He expects it and
He knows that when we achieve something that the world believes is natural
or impossible, we have mastered the self and the temptations of Satan.

in the world and those that others associate with will try and persuade
us into doing sexual things. Perhaps someone will say, "If you
really loved me, you would do it", or "You owe it to me."
People who really respect or love another human being would never ask
or say things that would jeopardize one’s virtue.

Neal A. Maxwell

quoted the following: "Some people will say, ‘everybody does it’.
That’s a lie! Everybody does NOT do it and even if they did, it still
wouldn’t make it right. Crowds cannot make right what God has declared
to be wrong."

people care for one another enough to keep the law of chastity, their
love, trust, and commitment increases, resulting in greater happiness
and unity. God gave us the law of chastity four our protection.’

Wilcox, a well-known youth speaker said the following: "You never
stand along when you stand with God…Crowds had a great time laughing
and pointing at Noah, but in the end it wasn’t Noah who missed the boat."
As humorous it may be there was never a more truer statement.

Physical intimacy between a husband and wife is beautiful
and sacred. It is ordained of God for the creation of children and for
the expression of love within marriage. Sexual intimacy outside of marriage
is not acceptable and in God’s sight it is a serious sin. It is an abuse
of the power He has given us to create life.’

Thessalonians 4:3, the Apostle Paul stated the following: "It is
the will of God" that we "abstain from fornication,"
which is sexual intercourse between an unmarried person and anyone else.
Mormon prophets have spoken out against these sins since the beginning.

other violations of the law of chastity, homosexual activity is a serious
sin. It is contrary to the purposes of human sexuality.
Mormon leaders counsel that, ‘If you find yourself struggling with sexual
temptations including feelings of same-gender attraction, do not give
in to those temptations. Be assured that you can choose to avoid such
behavior. You can receive the Lord’s help as you pray for strength and
work to overcome the problem…’

Apostle Paul gave this counsel, "There hath no temptation taken
you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not
suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation
also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it"

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