Adsense is Dead! No, Wait…Adsense is Alive! …No Wait…


Adsense is Dead/Alive MP3

With the release of Joel Comms rebuttle, Adsense is alive!, I think I need to talk about what is going on.

I’m doing this for the same reason I do What’s Crap and What’s Not.

First of all, before I say any more, you need to realize that Joel has a 5 figure monthly income from selling adsense lessons. Of course he cares if people talk about adsense being dead. He has a huge stake in adsense working.

Is Joel really making what he says he’s making on adsense? Yes. Absolutely.

Is it as easy as he says for YOU to make money on adsense anymore? No. It’s not.

So what’s really going on with adsense?

The reality is that it’s becoming more and more difficult to make money off adsense UNLESS you have an already established website that is getting a significant amount of traffic.

But…NOBODY is talking about this.

Why? Because there isn’t a bunch of money to be made in selling a product to existing webmasters about how to put adsense on your site. There IS a bunch of money to be made however, in selling to people who want to make money online but who don’t really have anything to start out with.

So, I wanted to respond to what Joel Comm is saying in the “Adsense is Alive” ebook but I didn’t want to type it all out.

In short, I think Joel (and Eric) missed the point of what Scott is trying to say.

In this MP3 I talk about:

  • How Joel didn’t understand what Scott Boulch meant when he said “Adsense is Dead”
  • Why Adsense isn’t dead, for a few people
  • What’s not being told when Joel says that an “average person to make a substantial income from adsense” and why it’s not true
  • Who are the “peers” Joel talks about who are making more money than he is, and why those “peers” don’t apply to the other 99% of us
  • Who is making 4 and 5 figure monthly incomes when they’re just starting out with adsense
  • Why there isn’t a Catch 22 in the Click Flipping/Adsense is Dead model like Joel says there is
  • Why both Click Flipping AND adsense are middlemen (why adsense is actually the middleman of middlemen)
  • What’s different about Click Flipping than about what others have talked about in the past (because Joel is right about this one, that it’s not new, …he just kind of missed the point)
  • Why Click Flipping isn’t just a temporary “tactic” that will come and go
  • What’s the real truth about making money online with adsense

Now, don’t get me wrong and think that Click Flipping is the solution to all adsense problems. It’s just a different way of making money online. It work, but so does selling ebooks, selling membership sites, selling useful software, selling physical products, selling on ebay, writing reviews as an affiliate, …

Nothing will every be as easy as making money on adsense has been over the past few years. It was a get-rich-quick scheme that actually worked. It’s not anymore.

I can understand everyone telling people that it still worked up until a few months ago, but after that, your message needed to change. You needed to tell people that making money online just isn’t as easy anymore and that you’re going to have to do a significant amount of work now.

Click flipping requires a significant amount of work. So do the rest of the things you can do online to make money.

Listen to the mp3 and be careful with what you buy from people.

The “gurus” have had an easy time selling stuff to people over the past few years because what they were selling actually worked. It’s not as easy anymore and a lot of them just won’t stop.

One last thing…a disclaimer: While I don’t actually have anything to do with click flipping and don’t have any vested interest in it, Scott is a good friend of mine and I have helped give him advice on what he’s doing with click flipping. I have been a beta tester of his system, and it does work. Other than that, I don’t have a financial interest in the click flipping situation.

Adsense is Dead/Alive MP3

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