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Over the past year I’ve tried different ways of having success doing affiliate programs. My ebay site did alright. I don’t make that much money off it but it does make some money from ebay each money.

My attempts to do affiliate marketing with TE were absolutely horrible. I have probably gotten over 150,000 hits and made like $10 in affiliate money off it. The attempt was so bad in fact that I finally switched my TE sites to having the ebay affiliate program instead of other affiliate programs. Dismal.

Recently however, I’ve been having success with at least one of my DSG sites. I’ve had like a 20% CTR for affiliates and of those I don’t know how many actually sign up for stuff…but it’s a lot. The reason for the success is what gets me though (at least…what I THINK is the reason for the success).

Like I posted a few days ago about coming up high on MSN for and, I’m now getting quite a bit of traffic for when people search for ‘car insurance’. That’s different than the normal traffic I get for someone searching for ‘geico car insurance 22342 not progressive’. I think the reason I’m having success is because now I’m offering a link to something the person is actually looking for…car insurance! They’re not just looking for information about something, they’re looking for what I’m offering.

This sort of flies in the face about what I posted a few days ago about the 50/50 rule of internet searches, that I’d only take the other 50% of searches. However, I think that if I applied some of the techniques I’m using now, on those pages, I’d have some success with it. The problem is that TE sites are so dang difficult to change that I’m not really willing to change them. Also, those other 50% are great for google adsense.

Actually…now that I think of it, I am having some success with affiliate marketing with the other 50% of searches. On my home business sites, I’m having plenty of people click through to our sales page….interesting…

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