An Automated Online Business Model


It has been a long time since I’ve been as excited about something as I was when Adam showed me what he’s doing in his online business.

People show me their products all the time.

Cool…ok…”it doesn’t solve my customers problems.” (that’s my thought most of the time).

Adam’s is totally different. It solves people’s problem of “what actually works online, and how do I do it correctly.”

It answers people’s question (that I get asked almost every day):
What works online to make money, and what niche should I do it in?

In this video Adam shares his entire business model of how he writes, publishes, and sells ebooks to niche markets.

THIS is what works!

In it he reveals some things I’ve never heard people teach so well in my life:

  1. How to pick a niche (this is going to blow you away)
  2. How to get a 100 page ebook written for $100 (better quality book than he had been paying $1500 for)
  3. How to spend 30 minutes to have a sales page that converts
  4. How to get tons of free traffic
  5. How he outsources 98% of this

It’s a half hour video interview that you won’t regret watching!

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Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

Tell me how you’re implementing this, or how to improve on it, or how it helped you in the comments!

Download just the audio

Having trouble viewing the video?

Download video part 1
Download video part 2
Download video part 3

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