Baby Journal

Journal of things my kids do, say, feel, experience. I hope to have a lot of memories of them and want to have them written down so I can easily share them with them.


Addie’s been sick for the past week which is tough. She’s been coughing a lot and has a lot of mucous and it causes her to stop breathing. She turns purple because she hasn’t breathed for so long probably once a day. It’s pretty scary. However, on a positive note, she’s really changing. She now [...]

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Austin has this thing where he likes to do what other people do, and then he says “So and So does” after he does it. Normally he does these things out of the blue and we have to pay attention to what he’s doing to see really where and why he picked it up. For [...]

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Tonight Austin was sitting with us and he was digging away trying to pick a booger. We tries to get him to stop but he didn’t want to so Kim looked down and saw that he had a big booger in his nose. She reached down and picked it quickly and he got all mad [...]

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