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Trying to outsource without knowing how to recruit Filipino employees is like sending your bank account information to that guy in Nigeria who emailed you yesterday to tell you you’ve inherited your distant cousin’s estate. It’s a bad idea. Watching this video so you can learn the right way to recruit Filipino employees… That’s a [...]


I learned an AMAZINGLY powerful lesson in 1991. It changed the way I approach business (and virtually every important aspect of my life). Flash back to the days of Boyz II Men and the original Super Mario Brothers… It was the unbearably painful 3rd hour of church (yes, I go to church for 3 hours [...]

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Today I got an email from Phil: John, you nailed me, I am doing nothing while trying to learn everything. I can’t build an auto-responder, I found out me web-site is a template that I can’t change only add. I started a blog and found out it’s only a facebook page, I spent a great [...]

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I understand that generalizing “living the four hour work week” into “7 EASY STEPS!!!…” isn’t likely to work for everyone… but… I’ve been living the 4 hour work week (actually, the 17 hour work week: 4 hours/week made me bored) for about 5 years now. I’ve helped numerous other people do it. So, while these [...]

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Having started and run lots of businesses online, here’s my advice on starting your own online business.   I’ve seen too many people make these mistakes before the ever even get started.

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Talk about “The Cloud” is everywhere. The question I get is: “How do I use ‘the cloud’ for my business?” More specifically: “How do I use Amazon’s EC2 and S3 for my business?” About 18 months ago we switched the hosting for my blog to use Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing and Amazon S3 Cloud storage. [...]


One of my GUYS sent me this tool today: It will show you who’s searching for the keywords you’re targeting by: age gender location search volume alternative keywords Put in “photoshop” and “learn guitar” for some surprising demographics (at least…surprising to me!). It would be super easy to be marketing to the wrong demographic [...]

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