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I know this is a bit off topic from my usual, but I’ve talked to so many people about this and nobody seems to have a good solution. Here are the steps I use to get PERFECT video AND AUDIO gotowebinar or gotomeeting recordings using Camtasia. Get Virtual Audio Cable. You have to use the [...]


I haven’t been this excited about a product coming out in a long time. This is a special interview I did with Peter, the creator of a product to be released tomorrow. What Peter is teaching is EXACTLY what I do on my websites in terms of the layout and design. It’s exactly what I [...]

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I recently had a great comment/question on my blog: In a nutshell, David asks “how many sites do your GUYS maintain, and how much are the sties making in order for them to pay for themselves?” I thought the question and answer were informative enough to make a post out of it. Here’s my [...]


So often I have people ask me questions that I don’t have answers to: “What kind of person do I hire first?” “How long does it take them to get up to speed?” “What do I have them do for me?” The other day I got an email from Lisa Schwartz that hinted towards her [...]

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I’m always looking for things that are easy to outsource. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one as simple as this. Inside I give people a “Business-in-a-box” that lets the guy they hire get started doing simple affiliate marketing without any intervention on the customer’s part. All you have to do is say “Go [...]

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It is my humble but accurate opinion (to take a page from Rick Butts playbook) that what Adam and Alen teach at is the best way to make money online. I think it’s the best model, that fits well with outsourcing, is hard to fail at, is scalable, easy to understand, exceptionally well explained, [...]

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It has been a long time since I’ve been as excited about something as I was when Adam showed me what he’s doing in his online business. People show me their products all the time. Cool…ok…”it doesn’t solve my customers problems.” (that’s my thought most of the time). Adam’s is totally different. It solves people’s [...]

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