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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about my family. In the beginning, when I started this blog, the point was to keep a journal. I’ve done that…somewhat. I don’t necessarily want to write about MY family right now, although Austin is growing like crazy, as is Addie, who started to crawl last week. [...]

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Kimberly Jonas Period. I’ve been married now for almost 11 years and they have been the best 11 years of my life. It’s not that she did any one thing that makes her the best wife in the world, it’s all the little things she does for me. It’s the cooking and the cleaning and [...]

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Addie’s been sick for the past week which is tough. She’s been coughing a lot and has a lot of mucous and it causes her to stop breathing. She turns purple because she hasn’t breathed for so long probably once a day. It’s pretty scary. However, on a positive note, she’s really changing. She now [...]

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Tonight Austin was sitting with us and he was digging away trying to pick a booger. We tries to get him to stop but he didn’t want to so Kim looked down and saw that he had a big booger in his nose. She reached down and picked it quickly and he got all mad [...]

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I was sitting in church today with Adeline on my lap and was just thinking about what a little angel she is. So I took a picture.

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A few weeks back I wrote about how Austin has created so much joy in my life. Well, now Adeline adds to that joy. While these pictures are of Austin, these two kids have just brought so much happiness to my life over the past few weeks. I’ve been so blessed with them. What makes [...]

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With everything happening with the baby this week I didn’t do a very good job of posting stuff to my blog. The next few posts I’m going to review this week, starting with how labor went. Kim always said she wanted to have an epidural with all her babies. She didn’t see a need to [...]

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