I don’t have much time right now to write this, but I’ve had numerous people ask me how they can help with donating to the relief effort in the Philippines. They estimate over 10,000 deaths

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Chances are, you’ve seen this page —> I see it every time I install a new, $38 ink cartridge into my HP 2610 printer. I’ve had this printer for almost a decade. And without fail, every time I install a new cartridge, it regurgitates one of these things…as if to say, “thank you for feeding [...]

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A great job post can do more than just advertise your need for an employee. A great job post can also attract the right kind of applicants, giving you better choices when looking for the best person for the job. This is especially important when you’re hiring Filipino workers. A lot of business owners I [...]

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There was a Typhoon in Southern Philippines 2 days ago. It was REALLY bad. If you have people in the Philippines, make sure to check on them. For more info on the typhoon check out this article about the aftermath or this one, or google it. The whole thing is terrible. You can donate to [...]

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Recently I promoted a product to my list. The product doesn’t matter…this same thing happens all the time. I got a response back from someone saying: Hello, I signed up for [PRODUCT NAME], but I wanted to ask you honest opinion. So many of these services get so little results. Is this service really effective? [...]

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In this webinar Marc Lindsay shows how he gets top rankings in Google by building simple websites and then sticking an automated linking system to build backlinks to the site. He also talked about “removing friction” from your business (and your life). Things like: You sit down to work and don’t know what to work [...]

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A few days ago I posted about my disabled gmail account. After a long, painful process, I was able to successfully recover the account. Before you read this blog post, let me tell you that one of the things I discovered was Google’s account recovery process is 100% automated! No humans involved at ANY level. [...]

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