Devin made me this nice video the other day asking for some advice. I think the question is pretty relevant to most IMers. Here’s my response Get Flash to see this player. The one thing I forgot to talk about on my video is that I would probably install on the site to see [...]

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There are a lot of online tools I use in running my business. Tools which at one point I didn’t know existed, and when I found out about them, I said “HOLY COW!!! THAT SAVES ME HOURS OF TIME AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!” I attempted to create this list somewhat here, but it was just [...]

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I buy a lot of domains. Here are my guidelines for my GUYS when selecting a domain for a niche website. I have them do almost all of my research for me. I want a .com almost always. There will be times when a niche is too competitive to find a reasonable .com and in [...]

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Over the past few weeks I’ve had numerous people ask me: “You recommended 2 different programs for online business models. Which is better?” Here are the two (both have a video interview): Make $3 700 times a day An Automated Online Business Model Here is my answer: BOTH There were a few reasons why I [...]

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Here’s Joel’s business model (think about how this fits with your guys in the Philippines): build a 30-minute mini-site ^^^ mini site makes (average) $3/day repeat 765 times Math $3/day (average) * 30 days/month = $90 per site per month (not a lot) $90/site/month * 100 sites = $9000/month (getting better) $90/site/month * 765 sites [...]

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I’m flying out in a few hours to Minneapolis to speak at Jeff Mills Outsourcing Seminar. You can join it live on Ustream for $12.95 (which I think is crazy)! Here’s the link to get access to the ustream feed: Outsourcing Seminar on Ustream I speak at 2:00pm Central time tomorrow, but the seminar goes [...]

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Last night I did a teleconference with Jeff Mills on outsourcing. We answered 17 user questions. Jeff has some really good stuff especially when it comes to one time outsourcing and protecting yourself. It’s a great call (35 megs because it’s over an hour long).

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