Do you keep a swipe file of sales copy and squeeze pages and interesting marketing tactics? If not, why not? Here’s why you do it. When you want to create a sales/squeeze page for yourself, you can go back through all the pages you’ve bookmarked and just pull the pieces out of them that you [...]

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I did Marlon Sanders coaching call yesterday (he has an awesome coaching program) where I taught how to live the 4-hour workweek through outsourcing to the Philippines. He did a great write up about achieving your business goals here:

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Rick Butts was here at my house on Friday. Man is that guy smart. He really helped me understand all the web 2.0/social media stuff that’s going on and how it fits into my business. As we talked about living the 4-Hour Workweek, Rick said something about that really struck me: “If people aren’t [...]

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Just as an idea for those of you looking for ideas of what you can send to your guys in the Philippines. I just sent my guy Sony Vegas (video editing software) and said “learn this” and then asked him to take 2 video feeds, and an audio feed, and put it all together into [...]

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been putting off testing a few different elements of a page I have. I had the copy, I had the different variations, I knew what needed to be tested. Easy, right? Wrong. I just didn’t want to go back into Google website optimizer and set up the test. I [...]

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Kirt doesn’t know I’m posting this, but here goes. There are 3 people I can say have taught me significantly more than anyone else along my career. Paul Allen – helped me get my start in this business Scott Boulch – really pushed my career over the edge Kirt Christensen I didn’t put anything next [...]

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I’ve been doing article marketing for a long time. Here’s what I always tell people: “Article marketing is the second most effective thing you can do to market your website. Google Adwords is #1″. I use UniqueArticleWizard to do all my article submissions. It’s by far the best tool out there. However, up until now, [...]

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