Being that I’m 28, I have had quite a few friends get married. I’m pretty sure that over the next few months/years, I’ll have quite a few more get married. Because of this, I’ve had to go down to the dumb tux shop to get measured for a tux I don’t know how many times. [...]

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I’ve never really done this before but I can’t help it with this one. You know the commercial for EleFun on TV, the one that has the kids jumping around having a blast as the butterflies come out of the elephants nose that’s sticking straight up in the air. Yeah, that one that looks like [...]

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Boy do I dislike this. I have That was the first domain I ever bought. I tried to put my family website on it and integrated some php photo album software into it. Well, the software the site is running got hacked a few days ago and my hosting company threw a fit. So, [...]

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I sat in and listened to Phil Windley speak on “Blogs, Wikis, and RSS” tonight at Paul Allens internet marketing class. It was wonderful. Probably one of the best guest speakers I’ve ever heard. He was well prepared, knew what he was talking about, practiced, had a great powerpoint presentation and used it very well. [...]

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Whenever my parents are in town they like to take us out to eat at nice restaurants. One of the favorites is to go to a japanese steskhouse. Last night we went to Tepanyaki in Provo. The food was very good (and very expensive) like most steakhouses. Austin loved the place, which is why I’m [...]

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The past few weeks have been sooooooo much fun with Austin. LIfe is just so good for me right now. here are some pictures of us feeding the “waams” and riding the “tato”.

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I just got back from giving someone a ride to the doctor. When I sat back down at the computer, I looked at the hits on one of my websites today and thought “wow, that’s a lot of hits for this time of the day. It’s only half way through the day.” thinking it was [...]

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