Since most of the people who read my blog spend a good amount of their time in front of the computer, I thought I’d share some of the plugins I use to boost my productivity. This post is inspired because of my latest favorite: LastPass. I’ve always looked for a great solution to storing usernames/passwords [...]

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First, let me say that I don’t think twitter is a bad thing for all you twitter addicts out there. I just think it’s bad for me. Ever since I read Getting Things Done and The Four-Hour Workweek, and put them into practice, I’ve realized what a drain email is on my time. Since then, [...]

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After my last post about my online gtd system and my first post about how to best implement GTD online, I’ve had quite a few questions about how I do GTD online. Since I first started looking for a way to organize myself online and move all my stuff online a lot has changed. When [...]

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Over the past few months I’ve become semi-obsessed with productivity because of my BlackBerry. After reading David Allens “Getting Things Done” and having his system change my life I have stumbled upon/created a system for personal productivity that uses technology to make me more productive. If you’re not paying the $20/month to be able to [...]

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After my last blog entry about GTD I did some more research and came across, a hosted tracks service. It turns out that tracks is a web based application that was specifically developed with GTD in mind. From what I can tell, and from the research I’ve done, tracks is the perfect online implementation [...]

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