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A few weeks ago I saw “The Secret” dvd, a movie put together by Rhonda Byrne with a bunch of successful people in it including Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and Joe Vitale. When I saw it, I immediatly identified with it because I have seen the “law of attraction” in my life over and over [...]

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Here’s the picture: 6 inches! IT’S SEPTEMBER 16!!! Help me out a little!

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This morning I was feeling a stomach ache and I thought it might have been because of some bad water I drank over the weekend. After a little bit of moaning my wife asked me: “Did you miox yet?” Mioxing to us means mixing up a batch of extra strong water using my miox water [...]

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After my last blog entry about GTD I did some more research and came across, a hosted tracks service. It turns out that tracks is a web based application that was specifically developed with GTD in mind. From what I can tell, and from the research I’ve done, tracks is the perfect online implementation [...]

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Update: I found what I believe to be the best GTD implementation online. This post was supposed to be detailing my implementation of Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen. Instead, it’s going to be a plea for help with it. See, I’ve been using Backpackit for my implementation for the past few months. Then, [...]

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This is going to be my first podcast. I’m not sure I’ll do this all the time, but I thought I’d try it and see how people like it. To tell you the truth I wasn’t totally comfortable with recording it, but sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone. This is about [...]

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Neal and his wife came over 2 weeks ago and showed us how to grow wheat grass. Since he posted about it, I thought I’d share how ours turned out. Kim is using it as a centerpiece on our table now. Yesterday she cut off a bunch of it and mixed it with some pineapple-coconut [...]

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