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We have these friends, The Johnsons, who have 4 kids. They’re great kids, but tonight I saw stuff I don’t remember seeing in a long time. We had them over for dinner for New Years Eve, and had like a snack dinner. We had corn dogs, little barfies (ok, fine, little smokies. I don’t like [...]

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On monday this week we moved into a new house: It has a great view from my office in an upstairs bedroom: We’re pretty excited about it. Of course…with moving comes all kinds of fun stuff… internet being down for a week sick kids sick me (yeah, we’ve all been sick for 5 days now) [...]

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Ebay ALWAYS has good deals on stuff

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I found these old pictures in my desk while cleaning it out. I was maybe 10? 12? Thoughts: We must have thought Gretzky was pretty cool to take a picture of his mullet. I continued to play hockey with that stick after all the kings signed it. Doh! See if you can find something in [...]

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About 3 years ago I took an “Entrepreneurial Lecture Series” class at BYU. The class met once per week and had a different entrepreneurial speaker come each week and speak to us. After 3 years I only remember a few of the speakers, and remember less of what they spoke about. However, there was one [...]

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When you live in south Provo, certain things become humourous that wouldn’t be in other places. We thought we might actually get away with living in this house for 3 years without having a shopping cart show up in front of our house. But alas…in what is likely our last week in this house here [...]

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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about my family. In the beginning, when I started this blog, the point was to keep a journal. I’ve done that…somewhat. I don’t necessarily want to write about MY family right now, although Austin is growing like crazy, as is Addie, who started to crawl last week. [...]

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