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I was going through some of my notes from the Big Seminar two weekends ago. There was a lot of good information presented (and a lot of stuff that was fluff), and I just wanted to write about one thing that Joe Polish said. Joe presented his Stick Strategy Secrets – Offline Robotic Marketing Secrets [...]

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No, this isn’t the typical post about the trials and successes I have when working from home. A lot of people struggle when working from home. I’m not one of them. My wife is fabulous, she let’s me work, and I’m pretty self motivated…except when it’s a nice golfing day. This is about Oprah. Yeah, [...]

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When most LDS missionaries come home from their missions their mission president sits them down and has a talk with them about returning home. I remember a few things from what my mission president spoke about but one of the things I remember most was a quote: “There’s always room at the top” He was [...]

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Every time I hear the song Standing Outside the Fire by Garth Brooks I can’t help but think about how it relates to my life and how true it is. The lyrics: We call them cool Those hearts that have no scars to show The ones that never do let go And risk the tables [...]

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People always say “Life isn’t about what you know but who you know.” While I agree that if you just want to get a job and work for someone else, this is mostly true. Most employers will give someone a job based on a personal recommendation from someone. However, in the world of entrepreneurship (in [...]

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That is…if you have everything backed up. Otherwise, while life probably wouldn’t end with a computer crash, it can certainly be pretty devastating. My recent computer crash wasn’t that devastating simply because I had almost everything backed up. I had all of my important projects, pictures, documents stored on another server somewhere else. Basically the [...]

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Today at the UVEF luncheon Junto Group presented. What an amazing idea. Basically its one amazingly successful guy who wanted to help entrepreneurship in Utah so he got a bunch of young entrepreneurs together on a saturday morning and layed out a plan where he would teach them everything he knew about entrepreneurship over the [...]

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