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No, not the real Baldy in California, just the small version that sits below Mt Timpanogos here in Utah County. Tim (my brother in law) has climbed it before and he wanted to do it again with Todd before Todd left on his mission. Hopefully I’ll have a gps trail map of our hike so [...]

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Well, over the weekend we went to Las Vegas for my sisters wedding. It was a really great trip and the wedding was wonderful. However, over the weekend the power supply on my linux computer failed which caused the hard drive to fail. So, yeah, that pretty much just stinks. I haven’t been able to [...]

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Since I work from home, I often have opportunities to help people that most people don’t get. About a week ago I helped someone move into their new apartment because he was a single dad and needed to move in during the middle of the day. Interesting experience, good guy. Today I got a call [...]

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Last week I posted about ABC news interviewing me for a story they’re doing about blogging and family websites. Well, the story did air on ABC 4 news at 10pm on Tuesday May 31, 2005. Surprisinly I was a major part of the story. Mostly they were interested in warning people about the dangers of [...]

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I got a call yesterday morning from a girl at ABC 4 news in Salt Lake City. She said she was doing a story on people who keep blogs or family websites. How she found my blog I have no idea (although I do come up quite high on google for quite a few search [...]

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Kimberly Jonas Period. I’ve been married now for almost 11 years and they have been the best 11 years of my life. It’s not that she did any one thing that makes her the best wife in the world, it’s all the little things she does for me. It’s the cooking and the cleaning and [...]

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This is crazy. I served an LDS mission in Campinas, Brazil. I was there for 2 years and absoluetly loved it. Now, around the corner from me is a brazilian family and right now we’re having a brazilian bar-b-que (in brazil it’s called a churrasco, pronounced shu-haas-co). I’ve been wanting to do this with him [...]

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