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Kim left yesterday morning for California. She’s gone for 4 days, Thursday morning (she left at 4am) until Sunday night (she gets back at 10pm). Since we’ve been married she has only done this to me one other time. This time however is different. This time she left Austin with me. Say good-bye to working. [...]

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Yahoo! News – BYU Student Makes Documentary on Moore OREM, Utah – A former Brigham Young University film student has maxed out his credit cards to make a $10,000 documentary about “Fahrenheit 9/11″ director Michael Moore’s controversial visit to Utah Valley State College. This was on the front page of today. Pretty cool. Hopefully [...]

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These google guys are soooooooo cool. Here’s another blog post that describes a little more about the google culture. They apparently have a program that Google allows their employees to devote 20% of their working hours to any project they choose . This is Tim Sanders ‘Love is the killer app’ theory in action. Google, [...]

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We all knew that google was and is a different company. They don’t try to seperate business from life. They’re people…not a corporate buracracy. Here’s a google post in which one of the bloggers from google responds humourously to a humourous email that google got about the doodles on their homepage. What’s really cool [...]

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We finished our basment just before christmas (like, the 23rd). It’s soo good to have it done. Renters have already moved their stuff in and will start paying rent in a couple of days. It’l be good to finally have money coming in instead of shelling out money. Final costs for finishing it are close [...]

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Our basement has been such a long and difficult process. We moved into the house in February 2003 with the intentions of finishing the basement so we could rent it out. It’s taken us almost 2 years, most of which time it just sat there not being worked on because I didn’t know what to [...]

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With the internet getting bigger and bigger, internet applications are more and more taking over. It’s been interesting over the past few months with the internet mail war that’s gone on because of google’s gmail. The features have gotten better and better and make internet mail clients feel much more like a desktop mail client. [...]

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