After I lost my gmail account then recovered my gmail account I became much more security conscious. Yesterday @Mat Honan lost everything. Please read his story I write this just in hopes that it will save a few people some headache. 7 Simple Ways To Protect Your Digital Life   I’m not a security expert [...]


I understand that generalizing “living the four hour work week” into “7 EASY STEPS!!!…” isn’t likely to work for everyone… but… I’ve been living the 4 hour work week (actually, the 17 hour work week: 4 hours/week made me bored) for about 5 years now. I’ve helped numerous other people do it. So, while these [...]

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Over the past few months I’ve begun to realize that doing outsourcing correctly requires a change in mindset.   See…most people are so used to busting their own butt to get stuff done, that giving their work to other people is very foreign to them. It’s almost unnatural. I know often people think “If I do it [...]


I’ve had GUYS in the Philippines for about 4 years now. This was my FIRST trip! You don’t have to go there to make it work. That’s one of the great things about the Philippines. While I was there for 2.5 days I recorded quite a bit of video of my observations and experience. I [...]

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Here’s what I’ve done for the past 24 hours: Checked my email Talked with my partner Dan Wrote a blog post Wrote 2 emails to be sent to my mailing lists Used jing to make an explanation video Played golf Chatted with a few of my GUYS in the Philippines Ate dinner, played with my [...]

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One of the most important things I see in starting an internet business is designing your business around your lifestyle. Maybe not around the lifestyle you currently have, but around the lifestyle you want to have. If you design your business around your lifestyle, it makes making decisions in your business much easier (“should I [...]

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