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I shot this video in the middle of Canyonlands National Park. It was an amazing 5 days canoeing down the Green River. The audio is a bit quiet…sorry for that.


Most people when they start a website, they have no plan for it. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Here’s MY website plan. It consists of 13 “ToDo” lists that I have my GUYS implement for me. Some of this stuff won’t be relevant to your business, but my guess is that [...]

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First of all, there’s a LOT of misinformation about the new FTC guidelines about bloggers, affiliates, and testimonials. I’m going to outline the main points (from the link above) and give a couple example disclaimers. 1. Clearly Disclose Typical Results From the FTC page: Under the revised Guides, advertisements that feature a consumer and convey [...]

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I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to do good videos on my blog. If you look at some of my earlier videos you’ll see they’re not that good, and they took me 10x longer to do than the ones I do today. This is how I currently create the videos for my [...]

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I had a comment on my blog that I thought was worthy of a full answer. Get Flash to see this player. As an addition to what I wanted to say in this video, outsourcing to the Philippines isn’t a fad. It’s not one of those “you have to get in at the beginning or [...]

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This week I managed to get Joel Peterson on a webinar to explain how he’s generating billions of impressions and millions of clicks for $0.01 using Google Adwords. I’ve known Joel for a few years, and knew that at one point he was spending about $1,000,000 a month on adwords, but I had no idea [...]

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StatsJunky does what many previous softwares have attempted to do: track affiliate accounts/data along with PPC accounts/clicks. It does it REALLY well: Get Flash to see this player. Go To

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