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The most common question I receive from so many of you out there is, how do I start out with earning money from the internet, what do I do? The answer I give people is: Local Business Marketing! (just last week I told my MOM! to start doing this) Last night Kevin Wilke did an [...]

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When GoTryThis came out a few years ago I was very skeptical. Now, I use it almost every day in my business. Here’s a short list of why I use it: It keeps all my links in one place I never have to find my affiliate links for any product. GoTryThis has it for me [...]

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Following is an email I got from one of my GUYS detailing the promotion methods we use for different types of websites. You can use this for your GUYS. This is also very instructive for you in terms of what you should be doing for your websites. What my guys do is awesome. I added [...]

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During the years of running my online business I’ve come across a lot of different ways of doing online research. Lots of the info out there is pretty dumb. Dumb…meaning…it’s just not info that will help you know what’s good and what’s bad. Dumb…meaning…what they’re telling you XYZ means, just isn’t true. Dumb…meaning…”this does not [...]

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Here’s Joel’s business model (think about how this fits with your guys in the Philippines): build a 30-minute mini-site ^^^ mini site makes (average) $3/day repeat 765 times Math $3/day (average) * 30 days/month = $90 per site per month (not a lot) $90/site/month * 100 sites = $9000/month (getting better) $90/site/month * 765 sites [...]

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I’m not the first to say this, neither am I the last. But, it’s something people miss over and over again. The first place you should look for traffic to your website is Google Adwords. Get Flash to see this player. Use adwords because: you get immediate traffic you get immediate feedback you can track [...]

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Over the past few months I’ve started to realize one of the things that keeps people from succeeding online is that they feel like they have to do everything they ever hear of or they’re a failure. “You have to have a list” “You have to do SEO” “You have to do Adwords like this!” [...]

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